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Shoulder-and-up headshot of a white woman with purple hair and mischievous smile. She is wearing a sleeveless black dress.

I’m Meredith Nudo, a Houston-based voiceover artist and comedian with experience in animation, video games, ADR (animation/live action), audio drama, film, and other media. 

Some of the projects I’ve had the honor of being involved with thus far include AFK Arena: Just Esperia Things! (Dolly; Additional voices), The Sheridan Tapes (Amy Sterling), Mythic Girls (Mutu; Illy), Beyond the Edge of Owlsguard (Shashenka Svetlana van Slyme), Dooro Bear (Moon; Ladybug), and Fashion Police Squad (The Karen). Fashion Police Squad was featured in the 2023 AGDQ event.

My training includes private coaching from:

✰ Lindsay Sheppard    ✰ Crispin Freeman    ✰ Jason Lord    ✰Sara Gaston

And classes and workshops from:

✰ John Wang    ✰ Morgan Berry    ✰ Kiba Walker    ✰ Marisa Lenti    ✰Mami Okada

…and more!

A full listing of my performing arts education may be found on my Comprehensive Media Filmography

As a comedian, I primarily work within sketch and improv, with experience both on stage as well as behind the scenes in directing and producing roles. I co-produced the 2019 Trill Comedy Festival at Station Theater here in Houston, and have had some of my work directed for stage by Kids in the Hall’s Kevin McDonald. 

I like exclamation points and in my spare time I enjoy staring at the wall baffled that I have spare time. My writing can be found on my blog, Hardcore Nudoty, and at Houstonia Magazine.