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Shoulder-and-up headshot of a white woman with purple hair and mischievous smile. She is wearing a sleeveless black dress.

I’m Meredith Nudo, a Houston-based voice actor and comedian with experience in animation, video games, ADR (animation/live action), audio drama, film, and other media. I have a home studio and a love of and willingness to travel.

Some of the projects I’ve had the honor of being involved with thus far include AFK Arena: Just Esperia Things! (Dolly; Additional voices), The Sheridan Tapes (Amy Sterling), Mythic Girls (Mutu; Illy), Beyond the Edge of Owlsguard (Shashenka Svetlana van Slyme), Dooro Bear (Moon; Ladybug), and Fashion Police Squad (The Karen). Fashion Police Squad was featured in the 2023 AGDQ event.

My voice has been heard as the lead in short animated films showcased at Houston Comedy Film Festival (Poundcake, Poundcake and Pals) and the NYC Anarchist Film Festival (Madlyn, The Tragic End of Rodney & Madlyn U; Mom, The Clash Between Good and Evil). I narrated the award-winning A Weekend on Foxes Island, which appeared in the IndieX Film Festival and Indie Short Fest. I also voiced Sophia in the trailer for Rob Saucedo’s Fangoria webcomic Where Wolf, which played at Alamo Drafthouse locations across the United States.

My training includes private coaching from:

✰ Lindsay Sheppard    ✰ Crispin Freeman    ✰ Jason Lord    ✰ Sara Gaston

And classes and workshops from:

✰ John Wang    ✰ Morgan Berry    ✰ Kiba Walker    ✰ Marissa Lenti    ✰ Mami Okada

…and more!

A full listing of my performing arts education may be found on my Comprehensive Media Filmography

As a comedian, I primarily work within sketch and improv, with experience both on stage as well as behind the scenes in directing and producing roles. I co-produced the 2019 Trill Comedy Festival at Station Theater here in Houston, and have had some of my work directed for stage by Kids in the Hall’s Kevin McDonald. 

I like exclamation points and in my spare time I enjoy staring at the wall baffled that I have spare time. I work as a journalist as well as a voice actor and comedian, largely covering food, arts, culture, and animals. My bylines range from local to international media outlets and can be found at Muck Rack.

No, I don’t have a strong opinion about Oxford commas.